Monday, July 20, 2009

The Diaper War

Every parent has taken a picture of their child wearing only a diaper. I'll bet every parent has a baby picture of themselves wearing only a diaper. Diapers, the ultimate baby staple. You cannot raise a baby without them.

The diaper war, cloth diaper versus disposable diaper, has been going on since the disposable diaper was invented. I was drafted into this war in 1974. The battle being fought at that time was the "cost" battle. Back in those days disposable diapers were considered very expensive and two income households were the exception and not the norm.

I began the war fighting for the cause of the cloth diaper. This lasted two days. The constant smell of ammonia coming from the bucket of diapers soaking in the laundry room began to alter my brain function. I had already "disposed" of three cloth diapers in this short period of time, so it seemed only logical to switch sides in this war.

Believe me disposable diapers in 1974 were not at all like the diapers of today. The diapers of 1974 were merely a smaller version of hospital bed pads with tape on the corners. Re-taping a perfectly usable diaper involved using duct tape and a 3M bonding solution. Their unique 'wingfold' design was a guarantee that only half of the contents would actually be contained in the diaper.

Today infantry soldiers, I mean parents, are so lucky to have ultra dry thin diapers in the hourglass shape, with absorbent gelling material, featuring the frontal tape system, which allows multiple repositioning of the lateral tape without tearing the diaper, in sizes ranging from Preemie to size 7. (I'm out of breath just typing that sentence.)

Still the diaper war continues. The impact of disposable diapers versus cloth diapers, battle "environment".

I am so glad to be retired from the diaper military. Good luck to all you diaper soldiers of the world.

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