Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Baby Is Born - He's The Cutest One

Since labor was induced for the birth of my first child there is nothing memorable to blog about the trip to the hospital. (Wait until the blog about the hospital trip for birth number four. Trust me that will be a trip.)

Arrive at hospital, (fast forward, there are medical websites detailing the birthing process) I have now given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Oh, my God, I am a mother.

Flowers, balloons, gift baskets and people filled the room. I could barely make my way (in a wheelchair, common practice at the time) to the nursery viewing window to see my baby boy. (Have you viewed the movie My Big, Fat Greek Wedding? Well that is my family. Only if the movie would have been inspired by my life the title would have been "My Big, Pork and Crawfish Fat, Boudin Eating Cajun Family").

Every living person related to my baby is standing at that window, in addition to the spirits of deceased Great Grandma Lucy and Great Aunt Ky, my cousin Rose could just feel their presence. Everyone had an opinion (you know what they say about an "opinion") as to who our baby looked like. I could hear the relatives commenting, "Oh, he looks like his dad", "No, he looks like his mom", "He is the spitting image of Paw Paw Gus", "No he's little Xavier, Aunt Marilyn's nephew made all over again", ... )

One thing everyone agreed on, he was the cutest baby in the nursery and maybe his little round head did remind me of Paw Paw Gus.

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