Sunday, July 26, 2009

The First Trip

Unnecessary traveling at this time in you and your baby's life is not recommended. Every unnecessary trip will age you by at least a year.

This trip was necessary, that first doctor's visit for a "check-up".

Allow at least four hours to prepare for this trip. One hour to dress yourself and the baby. An additional hour to do this all over again. (See definitions - "Spit-up" and "Poopie".) It will take an hour to pack the diaper bag. Thirty minutes to figure out how to secure the car seat. Fifteen minutes to secure the baby in the car seat and fifteen minutes travel time.

Items that need to be packed for this one hour excursion are as follows:
6 bottles of breast milk/formula
22 diapers
1 packet of baby wipes
16 bibs
7 extra outfits
4 extra pairs of booties
10 burping pads
1 bottle aspirin (for the headache you will develop on this journey)

Bon voyage!

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