Sunday, July 19, 2009

Advanced Definitions

I Want - Two words designed to test your strength and ability to withstand your "Training".

Joining - Something your child will want to do, i.e., join dancing, scouts, school marching band, music, football, soccer, clubs, etc.
After you have spent a considerable amount of non-refundable money to enable your child to "join", your child will want to "quit" and "join" something else.

Dish Out - The act of continuously spending money to benefit your child.
Since this is done rapidly, you will lose track of just how much money you are spending. Thus this will spare you premature heart problems and allow you to sleep at night.

On The Road - A new lifestyle.
You will actually be living in your automobile on some days. You and your family will eat, sleep and even get dressed in your automobile. This lifestyle allows your child to attend all of the activities involved with "joining".

Quit - Something your child does to test your ability to cope with spending large amounts of money, making many sacrifices, all with the mistaken belief that you are making your child happy.

After you have spent large amounts of that non-refundable money and made those many sacrifices, your child will want to "quit". Yes, your child is unhappy, they hate this activity.

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